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Die-hard female baseball fans

introduction This is a community for female fans of baseball. And by fans, I mean die-hard fans. The girl who lives at the ballpark. The girl who bleeds her team's colors. The girl who can't wait for winter to be over and for spring training to start. This isn't just for fans of the major leagues; minor league, college, high school fans -- anyone is welcome. Just make sure that you love the game!

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1. Danielle (twinsfan33) and Imari (eemaree) are your mods. We reserve the right to ban anyone from this community that we feel is causing trouble.

2. Please do not cause unnecessary drama. It won't be tolerated, and you will be banned. This includes bashing any team, fan, or player. Just don't do it, it's stupid and immature!

3. Over-glorifying of teams will not be allowed. We're here to share our passion for baseball in general. You are allowed to post about a specific team but keep it at a low. If you do, please don't state how your team is better than every other team. This will only cause conflict amongst members.

4. We don't want to alienate anyone, but please be sure that you really love baseball. Before joining, please consider this: the types of people we are looking for in this community are girls who understand the game. You don't have to be an expert, but we would prefer that you love baseball because it's a great game, and not just because Grady Sizemore is good looking (although thinking he is good looking won't exclude you from the community, of course!).

5. You are expected to respect everyone in the community. If you have a conflict with a member from the community please take it elsewhere. We're all mature here and are expected to act maturely. We don't want to have to ban people for these reasons.

6. Feel free to post icons and graphics here, but don't join simply to pimp your graphics journal. You can show up to three icons in the main part of your post, all others must be behind an lj-cut. Any graphics larger than 500px must also be behind a cut.

7. Post pictures! You are allowed to show one picture outside of a cut (must be no larger than 500px), all others must be behind one.

8. All posts must be plain-text. Don't change the font size, name, or color please. It makes it easier on everyone else's friends list pages.

9. Please tag and title your entries appropriately. If you have any questions you can contact one of the mods, we'll be happy to help. Mods reserve the right to delete posts that aren't tagged or titled, or contain inappropriate content/break any of the rules stated above.

10. Lastly, please fill out this intro post!