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10 September 2010 @ 08:09 pm
For the first time in my short sport entertainment career (3 years), I finally got to work a big game. Last night Pettitte rehabbed with the Trenton Thunder. Preeeeetttty amazing stuff. Very chaotic and the most intense night of my life, but so much fun. It really added to what has been an amazing start to a great start to the Eastern League Playoff. BUT the entire thing brought up a good question: Is it fair for major league players to rehab during minor league playoffs? From the coverage of the game I've read, a lot of the players for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats have called foul on Pettitte's start; one went as far as saying it was a shameless move by the Yankees. On one hand, I understand where that feeling is coming from since it did put the Thunder at a possible advantage seeing how there was no need to worry about managing the bullpen. On the other, there is no way to predict how the game would have gone because Pettitte could have easily pitched his 4-innings and given up 12 runs.

My personal feelings on it is that the minors is about player development more than anything, yes, but with all the moves that happen, there is no way to really complain about the ones that favor a team. There are so many moves up and down that someone is going to have an advantage in a good system. For example, take the Yankee affiliate in Scranton: their playoff rotation came mostly from the Thunder by the way of September call-ups. It's the same rotation that won the Thunder the Eastern Division. On the same turn, the Blue Jays farm system, of which the Fisher Cats are a part of, has kept players who deserve to move up (and have even sent down) for the chance of winning a minor league championship. Of course, Pettitte is a bit different since he his arguably one of the best lefties in the game, but I still do not believe you can take a win away from a team because of a rehab ('specially when only one run was scored and that was on a walk-off solo bomb in the 12th).

What are your thoughts on it? Should MLB players be able to rehab during MiLB playoffs? Is it right? Does it even matter?
24 July 2010 @ 10:03 pm
So I was supposed to be getting something going around here and.... well, stuff and more stuff.... but! Here I am and here we go!


If you could trade one player from your roster for anyone else on any other roster (including those currently on the DL or rehabbing), who would you want and who would you give up to get him?

You can answer for as many teams as you follow, or like, or care about. And as many trades as you want. But let's make it a tiny bit realistic. I mean yeah we'd all like to say.... steal Cliff Lee and a solid reliever for a young first baseman and a prospect, but that would never happen....
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14 July 2010 @ 02:04 pm
 ...Doesn't mean that we can't love baseball for the game itself (of course, some of the guys ARE hot;)). I'm sick of the guys who act like because we ARE female, we can't know and love baseball. Anyways, what are y'all's favorite team(s)? Detroit Tigers for me, though I love the Boston Red Sox and baseball in general. :)
09 June 2010 @ 06:47 pm
Well, the Aggies' season is over and the Bay Area Toros aren't around anymore, so this is likely my last weekly correspondence. (More like... bi-weekly or tri-weekly, hah.) I might go to an Astros game or two, but who knows? Without the Toros around, it's going to be a long offseason. :(

(Kansas State Wildcats at Texas A&M Aggies—May 22–23, 2010)

And the weekly roundup of games I didn't attend:

06 June 2010 @ 02:47 pm
Hi y'all! I'm Lily and I'm the new mod around here. And I'd like to see who's actually still paying attention. I'm aiming to turn this into something of a discussion community. I'm going to start posting interesting (I hope!) questions and hopefully people will respond to them. That shouldn't stop anyone from posting anything else they'd like to. Pictures or thoughts or massing squeeing or anything really, I'm not picky.

So! To start with, please fill out this survey and post it as a comment here. It's a little one, shouldn't take too long!